Our Story

I'm Niehla Ollie, better known as Niehla O. I've spent over 20 years in the fashion and beauty industry, but decided to pivot into an industry that can make people look good on the inside. After a chance encounter with a tasty green hummus blend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,  a late night craving led me to begin mixing up unique hummus flavors of my very own. I started sharing my hummus with my Los Angeles community in 2016 to their delight and soon, to their demand, while still working full time as a makeup artist.

In 2020, after the start of the pandemic and a high blood pressure diagnosis, I drastically changed my diet and was led to move back home to Chicago to help care for my mother. 

In 2021, with the loss of both parents and the need to heal, I decided to kick my passion into gear full time and build my Homegirl’s Hummus community in Chicago, at the request of many friends and followers.

I knew that the Homegirl’s Hummus community was something that I wanted to create. A space where people could be inspired, entertained and find out where they can purchase this delicious product that could help to change the way that they viewed hummus and snacking.

Homegirl’s Hummus gained its love and traction during farmers markets, offering “hummus flights” and engaging with attendees. Our goal, at Homegirl's Hummus is to continue to spread love and hummus throughout the community. 

Welcome to my world of hummus! 

With peace and love, Niehla