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Homegirl's Hummus

Homegirl's Hummus Seasonal Bundle

Homegirl's Hummus Seasonal Bundle

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Indulge in our handcrafted, hummus varieties that capture the essence of homemade goodness. Made with the finest ingredients and secret “Homegirl” recipes, our creamy spreads will elevate your snacking experience.

Select your choice of 4 of our seasonal flavors to be shipped. 

Individual Hummus (8oz jar)

- in season flavors

  1. Blissful (Beet Hummus)
  2. Revolution (Smoky Black Bean Hummus)
  3. Refresh (Lemon Basil Hummus)
  4. Harvest (Sweet Potato Hummus)
  5. Phoenix (Roasted Red Pepper Hummus)
  6. Zen Hummus (Roasted Garlic Hummus)
  7. Chicago Style Hummus (Roasted Garlic Hummus topped with Mild Giardiniera Peppers)
  8. Prosperity (Spinach Jalapeno Hummus)
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